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MEET THE ARTIST…….Hi, I’m Steve Griffin, born 1960 in Ipswich Suffolk.  I studied at Ipswich Art School (1976-79) have been a Member of Orwell Group Group since 1992, a Friend of Ipswich Society since 2005, and a member of Felixstowe Art Group since 2009. 

My Great Great Grandfather Benjamin Fowler RCA (artist) was a prominent member and Secretary of the Royal Cambrian Academy in Wales.His daughter Ethel Fowler (my Great Aunt) also painted,  and both my mother and sister studied at Ipswich Art School.
I like to paint and draw, usually quirky humourous pictures, and often cheeky!  Some of my pictures are now in Australia, Bahrain, Canada, France, Ireland, Isle of Man and Switzerland.
I do hope you enjoy my website, and would be pleased to hear from you in due course.....Steve










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